They are even afraid of the word dating

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March 25, 2022

They are even afraid of the word dating

Just to add they beg people to support them into buying food while they do porn. Yeah that’s a great way of showing what a great website they have. *Gasp* But they love their gay husband’s and open relationships on their. Bunch of Cowards if you ask me. Feeder/Feedee nonsense from scammers and fake bears begging for money.

Just to add a little more to my review. These celebrity Con artists would rather die obese than to live.

As for Grokio LLC. I do have a bit more to adventisten dating add about them. They have four websites. Yes four Grommr, Chasabl, Feabie, Ferzu, Now PupSpace What kind of a company would allow having five websites and putting down LGBT people. It’s Grokio LLC and their marry band of fat dudes that’s what.

I would love for a company to make that happen

Telling someone about social skills is absurd. Yeah just because you are fat doesn’t mean that their isn’t consequences. Diabetes, Heart disease among other health risks is not a laughing matter. Even when you get older. Fun community? I have been to the website on and off for years and nearly had a mental breakdown. If you think a rip off of Facebook is good for your mental health than I have no idea what to tell you.

I was a former Grommr member who agrees completely. The biggest problem with Grommr and Grokio in general is the fact that they claim to be a dating site. Now they changed to Social Media. Pushing Premium features and pushing terrible kink websites now. I’m not interested in Pup Space. Also and my guess is that they steal ideas from different Communities. Fantasy Feeder comes to mind. I seriously think that the owners of the site have Mental Illness with everything going on.

Also in my mind. I think their should be a website for skinny fat guys who want to be treated equally and aren’t scamming people for money. It would be great without it being toxic and letting Grommr try to steal their ideas. I would love the idea of it for single gay men only without the money and the sexualization of it. Not to mention the elimination of Open Relationships, The Married guys. The guys who are already in relationships. That would be a breath of fresh air if it came to fruition.

Favouritism and a numbers game

I was a member on this website / community for 3 months, hoping that I’d get to make many new young gainer friends. I’m a young slim guy who is attracted to guys bigger than me and thought that, after discovering this website, I would fit right in. How wrong I was.

The website is home to many chubs and even a few superchubs. Names like doughtub, HighCalPal and Chubbles are some of the many young good looking gainers who I would love to be friends with. The problem? I’m not the only one. People like them get thousands of messages from admirers and encouragers every day and they usually rarely, or never, respond back. The only time they’ll respond is if they have actually met those people in person and have a good connection. If you are just a random guy, then you’ll most definitley be ignored.

This brings to another problem. Now before I say this, everyone has preferences on what kind of guy they’d like to be with, like size, age, height and so on. For me, I like guys who are bigger than me (like at least 100 pounds heavier), taller (not always, but I prefer taller guys), and someone who is a few years older than me, even if it’s like a 10 year gap. 15 at the max. And Americans are the most attractive (anywhere else just isn’t for me, even though I am from there myself.) For some reason, I go after the kinds of people I’m attracted to and hope to build a friendship, but I end up attracting a crowd who are the complete opposite of the kind of people I want to be friends with. Short, skinny, Indian. old. I seem to be a hit on 50-60 year olds, and no offence, but that just weirds me out.

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