Strategic Seating: Who Should Sit Near the DJ Booth at Your Event?

If you’re organizing an event or a wedding and you’re trying to figure out the seating arrangements, you may be wondering who should be seated near the DJ booth. There are three groups of people that you might want to consider placing in close proximity to the DJ booth.

Firstly, you should consider seating those who are most likely to hit the dance floor first. During cocktail hour and dinner, the DJ will be trying to gauge which table has the most energy and will likely play to their vibe. Seating these guests near the DJ booth will make it easier for the DJ to locate them and get the party started.

Secondly, you may want to seat guests who are comfortable with talking over music, such as those who frequent bars, restaurants, and clubs. These guests may actually feel more relaxed near the music, and after a few drinks, they’ll likely be talking loudly anyway. However, it’s important to avoid seating older guests near the DJ booth, as they may find the noise overwhelming.

Lastly, you should consider seating guests with great energy near the DJ booth. The energy in the vicinity of the DJ booth can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the entire reception. Not only is the music coming from this area, but announcements, toasts, and speeches are often made here too. Therefore, it’s important to avoid seating negative or sulky guests near this area, and instead seat guests with positive attitudes and infectious energy.

In summary, the seating arrangements near the DJ booth can play a significant role in setting the tone for the entire event. By considering these three groups of guests, you can ensure that the DJ booth area is populated with guests who are ready to party and who can help create a positive and lively atmosphere.